Can sustainable clothing ever be inexpensive?

Sustainable clothing comes with a lot of costs. The overall production process takes a lot longer, due to the care taken in minimising the use of harmful chemicals and finding eco friendly materials and suppliers that are used can be costly. Suppliers charge buyers more for the work completed and then we have to increase our costs to make a profit. Sustainable fabrics are made strong and durable to last, to be able to wear constantly over time. Creating sustainable clothing is a specialist skill and takes a lot longer than creating a basic jumper. Sustainability isn’t new and it is becoming more popular in recent years but a lot of fast fashion hasn’t included these processes in their manufacturing yet. It will probably take a long time to make it fashionable or a new trend and therefore many years before we see a reduction in the overall costs of producing sustainable clothing. The fashion industry can help by creating more sustainable products and building an awareness of the need for more eco friendly designs. Overtime this can help suppliers create larger orders and show that there is a need for more eco friendly materials, this should bring the costs down eventually. The next generation of children should grow up with more knowledge of the need for finding ways to protect the environment and to reduce waste and consumption as this is important to everyone.

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  1. Hi I would like to say we are very happy with the shorts we purchased the quality is great we will definitely buy from you again.

    1. Hi Jennifer thanks for the comment, I am glad your happy with your new purchase 😀

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