Key clothing that I believe everyone should own!

Fashion is about finding what suits you and going with what you like.  I have made a little list of key items that I look for when shopping or deciding what to wear on a daily basis.  By buying lots of classic styles, it can help me find outfits really quickly.  There is less stress in trying to put outfits together when I haven’t got time and everything is more organised.  I have lots of key staple pieces in different colours and shapes that go with everything, so there is always an outfit for every occasion if needed.

My list of key items to own


A coat or jacket – My favourites are Puffa, Leather, Denim, Trench, Mac or Parka.  Choose styles that will go with lots of different outfits.  The leather or denim goes with everything and can be worn for day or night.  There are also, many styles that can fit all shapes and sizes.



A classic shirt – white or black, can be used for work or going somewhere smart.  Shirts are timeless pieces that will never go out of fashion.  Everyone should own one.  You never know when you might have an important event to attend, having one hanging ready in the cupboard, is a must.


A good pair of jeans – fitted, smart or casual, goes with everything.  There are many styles and colours to choose from and styles to suit everyone.  You can’t go wrong with a good pair of jeans, for all occasions.



A white t-shirt – a classic staple that goes with everything, can be worn on its own for a casual look or under a shirt or jacket to smarten it up.  T-shirts are for everyone and are really cheap to buy or you can customise them for an individual look.



A denim shirt – looks really good on its own buttoned up or styled with a t-shirt or scarf.  Suitable for men and women.




A Sweater, Cardigan or Blazer – you can dress them up for any occasion, you can buy them for casual or smart and there’s lots of choice of styles and colours.  Always look for fitted styles for a smarter look and baggier for a casual look.



A nice vest or fitted top – to be worn under clothing or on its own in the hotter weather.  They look lovely with a fitted pencil skirt, fitted trousers or a pair of shorts.  They come in lots of colours and cuts to suit all shapes.



A hoodie or Zip up jacket – for fitness or casual wear to be worn in any season, everyone should own a nice hoodie or jacket.




Denim or Sports shorts – summer essentials to keep you cool, come in many shapes and sizes and look good on everyone.




A pair of leggings or joggers – for fitness, casual wear or lounging around.  Its good to have comfy wear as nobody wants to wear smart clothes all the time.



A dress or Suit – for funerals, weddings, interviews or going out.  You never know when you might need a good suit, so always best to have one ready.  They are classic pieces that never go out of fashion, just the styles change overtime.




A pair of white trainers – they match all outfits and look really good.  Lots of different designs, names and prices to choose from.




A Scarf or Hat – smart or casual for all occasions, accessories can make or break an outfit.  Depending on the look your going for, add hints of colour or something bright to dress up or down the outfit.



A Bag – handbags come in lots of shapes and sizes, Totes, Clutches, Bumbags etc Seen as essential for most people to carry their everyday items.  There’s also, lots of bags for men to besides Rucksacks, there’s the Crossbody and Sling bags.



Jewellery – Lots of people own lovely jewellery and they can often make an outfit look really different, by adding a nice necklace, bracelet or watch which can add a pop of colour to boring clothes.



An LBD or LWD – every woman should own a little black/white dress for any occasion, they can be worn for casual with sandals and a denim jacket or dressed up with heels for work or a night out.



Swimwear – lots of styles for everyone, men suit fitted or baggy shorts in lots of colours. (No Budgy Smugglers)  Women can wear bikinis, Tankinis, All in one, short sets etc. Don’t let your confidence stand in the way of you being able to enjoy a day at the beach or swimming pool.  Swimwear is for everyone, not just skinny people.



These are my favourite key items that I believe everyone should own, this will make it easier for men and women to have an easier life.  I often buy items that are timeless classics and will last a long time.  I also, buy items in many colours, so that I can mix and match my clothes.  By buying classics, it can save time on finding outfits to wear for work or nights out.  I am a strong believer in being sustainable with our clothing and by following certain fashion rules, this can stop me buying items that I don’t need.  By sticking with classic items and dressing them up with accessories it can make outfits look fresh and new, without spending any money.

These quotes are very true, everybody is unique and we all have our own style.  We can all take inspiration from other people’s clothes.  Dressing how we want is important, as that’s what gives us our own individual personalities and style.

Nobody should ever make anybody feel bad for what they are wearing, as we all have different opinions, on what we consider fashion to be.  Our lifestyles, careers, relationships and general status in society often shape the way we shop, the amount of money we have to spend and the looks we go for.  Most people follow current trends or add bits of new fashion with old fashion.  This is a really good way to update outfits and stay bang on trend.

I hope you enjoyed reading, my key items that I believe everyone should own,


Nicola Davies

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