The Benefits of Sport


The benefits of sport can improve our overall health and well being and have a massive impact on how we feel. Our health is important, we only have one life and we should look after our bodies as best as we can. Now that all the local gyms, clubs and sports are starting to open up, it will be good for us to get back out there and not just enjoy our hobbies but enjoy the social benefits of it to. Research by University of Missouri Care (2020) shows that “Physical exercise is good for the mind, body and spirit. Team sports help teach adolescents accountability, dedication, leadership and other skills.”

These are essential skills that are needed to teach children how to socialise with other children, learn to be part of a team, to share and many more life long skills. For adults a sport or hobby can benefit us in many ways, it can offload stress, Anxiety and depression. Can help build a social network, so we don’t become lonely and help us to be able to communicate regularly. (2020) state that “the positive, direct effects of engaging in regular physical activity are particularly apparent in the prevention of several chronic diseases, including: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, obesity, depression and osteoporosis.” This shows that even regular bits of physical exercise can be beneficial to us, it can also, be a therapeutic way to ease many symptoms or diagnosis.

I am a strong believer in “you get out of life, exactly what you put into it.” If you have a bad diet with no exercise, then you will feel sluggish and feel ill and have no energy but if you try and keep moving and trying your best, then hopefully illnesses will disappear.

Staying active is all about the will power to keep going even when it gets tough. I’m learning myself to keep pushing through barriers, when sometimes I just want to give up but I know I can do it. I would always recommend doing sports with friends if you can but if you can’t, then it is a really good way to meet new people with similar interests.

There are so many sports to choose from these days, there should be something for you to enjoy. Local leisure centres and gyms have a range of classes to enjoy at all times of the day and night. I have just signed up for Zumba and Bums and Tums as I enjoy dancing, so hopefully they will be fun and give me a chance to meet new people.

The benefits of sport have shown for many years that they are very beneficial to us and that it can also, help our life expectancy. People who fulfil their lives with a healthy diet, exercise and strong friendships tend to live a lot longer than those who don’t. We can all make changes to improve our lives, none of us are perfect and who knows we might enjoy it. Do it for yourself, nobody else. Everybody’s journey starts somewhere.

Look how amazing these transformations are, each of them took part in my 600 lb life in America. I bet there were really hard times for them but they kept going, what an achievement. They look fantastic.

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