Fair Trade Day

Fair Trade Day Poster
Fair Trade Day 2021 – #FairTradeDay #AgentForChange

As a sustainable brand, we are really passionate about Fair Trade Day. We believe that all workers should not be forced to do labour and any work undertaken they should be paid appropriately for the work they do. Big companies keep getting away with paying for cheap labour and using people who cannot do anything about it. All workers should be able to work in a safe and healthy environment, where health and safety is a priority.

Fair Trade Day helps recognise the need for change in many aspects of life, such as poverty, gender inequality, climate change and the economic crisis. We have people living in poverty, while many big earners are committing tax fraud and evasion, to keep more of their money. While others are barely surviving off a couple of pound an hour. I believe in people before profits. There is still a massive gap in how women are treated compared to men in work, even when they do the same jobs. Women are still overlooked, due to pregnancy and being the child bearers.

We can all help with climate change, by reducing our water use, try and reduce food waste, turn off appliances when not in use, use energy efficient appliances where possible, buy better bulbs, switch from driving by walking or using public transport where possible. Be prepared for any economic crisis, by trying to save regularly, this will help when you need money, create a budget money each month and try to stick to it, try reducing your outgoings for your bills, manage bills and monitor each month, pay off any debts you have first.

Times are really hard, especially due to covid and many of us have learnt a harsh lesson about being prepared. Imagine living in the poorer countries, where there is no help for them from the government. They have to work long hours in harsh conditions with nobody caring about their welfare. We should care for them and make people aware of what is happening, Im asking people do not support big companies that take advantage of these people. Use local where you can, these smaller businesses need your help.

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