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The Benefits of Sport

Introduction The benefits of sport can improve our overall health and well being and have a massive impact on how we feel. Our health is important, we only have one life and we should look after our bodies as best as we can. Now that all the local gyms, clubs and sports are starting to […]

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Facts and Myths about fitness

Workouts should be fun and manageable, don’t push yourself too hard.  Remember that working out has many benefits from improving mental health and mood to boosting your energy levels.  Start slow and progress.  Remember that exercise alone won’t make you lose weight, you have to stick to a plan that incorporates a healthy diet and […]

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My thoughts on fitness and it’s effects on well-being.

If you are not very sporty or athletic, thinking about doing any sort of fitness can feel like a massive chore.  Sometimes our work, family and lives in general can take over and we don’t have as much time as we would like to work on ourselves. Some people really hate exercising and feel embarrassed […]

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